Friday, 26 August 2011

we're MULTIMEDIA's lunatics

ok!!!! againnnnn..... here we are !~ ^_^ 
kami di sini bukan la untuk memberi ap2 ceramah apatah lg menjadi seorg penceramah bebas??? =.='' ok. straight to the point. like what u all see through our newest entry is about............. M to the U to the L to the T to the I to the MEDIA ! YESS! WE ARE MULTIMEDIA LUNATICS! hahahahaahahaha =p 
the story begin with our 1st task which is................. we need to use adobe photoshop to create a poster ... & we decided environment as our theme ! lots of things that happened before the task is officially complete! argghh!~ ta payah nk bebel pnjg2! just look at at our poster!......tenenenetttttenetttenettttttttttt :

here the result! even though we did not get a highest mark.. but yeah!!! we enjoyed & satisfied with it! hahahaha siap ad grammar error oh. =.= cer teka ap?? heeee @_@

seminggu berlalu.......... dan tanpa disedari..... oh. amoy! we got another task for this Friday la wooiiii!!! 
amoy : what bloody task is it huh??? (sambil cube mmbuke mate nyer y sedia sepet =.= )
teyn : hang lupa ka?? kite kene wat sound forge oh. esok kene present! habuk pon tade neyh. 
amoy : huh????!! (dgn muke terkejot & terperanjat turun dr tempat beradu nyerr ) 
to be continue....


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